SAFC on a Roll!

Don’t look now, but our little San Antonio FC upstart franchise is on a bit of a winning streak. And yes, the Cinderella story hunt for the US Open Cup came to an end before midnight at the hands of the MLS Houston Dynamos with a 4-0 loss. But, look at the San Antonio FC as of late:

• Their current record has them with 21 points with 5 wins, 5 losses and 6 ties
• They are undefeated the past 5 games! 3-0-2
• This recent push has SAFC within just 1 point of making the playoffs in the USL Western Conference.

That in itself would be amazing the first year of existence, especially how quickly the staff and team had to be formed.

So, San Antonio FC is poised to keep this streak going as the team is starting to fire on all cylinders. One little concern though is Goalkeeper Josh Ford will not be available tonight as he is serving the first game of a 3 game suspension after being sent off in Saturdays game against Energy FC. We shall find out in tonight’s game against Vancouver FC 2 if the San Antonio FC can stay compact and organized and pull out another win to keep the streak going. Kickoff for the game tonight is at 7:30pm, but me and some fan friends of mine our leaving early because we have a friend who just started his new limo business ( and he wants to advertise his new limo at sporting events in San Antonio… So, he “twisted my arm” and I agreed to be driven around San Antonio in his new limousine for tonight’s game. The things I do for friends! Life is hard!

It’s not too late to get tickets for tonight’s game:   Just sayin’.

To borrow from the Spurs parent franchise….


The Ball

Well, don’t look now, but Cinderella has her ticket to the ball! The San Antonio FC are in Houston tonight taking on the Dynamos in the fourth round of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. San Antonio FC will also be making history for this young franchise as they take on a MLS team in Houston. But, anything is possible tonight. Stranger things have happened. Houston will be without their leading scorer, Giles Barnes, who was with his Jamaican national team playing in Copa America Centenario.

San Antonio FC is currently in 13th place in the USL standings, while the Dynamo are in last place in the MLS Western Conference table. So, it should be interesting if this Cinderella team can hold things together until midnight!

San Antonio FC… A Cinderella Story?

Ok, the San Antonio FC are 8 games into their inaugural season and they are in expected and decent shape. Their current record has them in the middle of the league standings with 2 wins, 3 loses and 3 draws. Not too shabby for a team being put together in a relatively short amount of time. The San Antonio FC have also done rather well in the goal scoring department nothing 11 goals in their first 8 games which puts them near the top of the league in the amount of goals for games played. Jason Johnson leads the team so far this season with 3 goals scored.

In case you haven’t had a chance to get out to one of the games… Tonight’s game would be a great choice for your first experience. San Antonio FC will be taking on Corinthians FC tonight at 7:30pm at Toyota Field in a second round match of the US Open Cup. What is he US Open Cup you ask? Think of it like US soccer’s version of March Madness where 91 teams are entered into a single elimination tournament where the last team standing receives $250,000 and a birth into the CONCACAF Champions League.

Everyone loves a Cinderella story right? Well, just like March Madness, Cinderella stories happen in this tournament as well. In the 1999 US Open Cup, the USL’s Rochester Rhinos defeated four MLS teams are there way to winning the championship. During the 2008 tournament, the Charleston Battery came within one glass slipper of their Cinderella story losing in the final match. The US Open Cup is one of the world’s longest running tournaments as this is the 103rd tournament this year. Will this be the year a team like San Antonio FC has their Cinderella march thru the tournament. Well, we will just have to wait and see. But, there is no better place to wait and see than at Toyota Field for tonight’s game. See you there!

Welcome San Antonio FC!

Hey San Antonio, there is a new soccer team in town. We are San Antonio FC!  The team will be playing in the USL (United Soccer League).  San Antonio hasn’t had a team in the USL since the early 1990s when the San Antonio Pumas were around.  The San Antonio Pumas had some limited success making the playoffs, but struggled getting out of the first round.  The San Antonio Pumas were owned by a local chiropractor by the name of Dr. Randle Schulze.  San Antonio FC is owned and backed by the San Antonio Spurs.  Which can only mean one thing…  Lots of great things to come for our new soccer franchise.

Let’s remember that the San Antonio Spurs didn’t just fall in successive overnight.  It’s a family and a culture that has been developed with that organization over a number of years.  So, although we may be excited for new soccer team in town, but remember that it’s going to take some time to build this successful program.  The river city has some of the greatest fans in the country and I look forward to seeing the soccer base of San Antonio come out and support our new team.

Before we get all wrapped up in our new soccer franchise here in San Antonio.  Let’s take a moment and remember what helped us get here. Gordon Hartman had a vision with his “soccer for a cause” as he built and developed the San Antonio Scorpions.  This was the first professional sports team in the world that generated all of its profits for a nonprofit organization.  That great vision Gordon had was an inspiration for his players as Morgan’s Wonderland is right next door to the stadium. So, a big

If you haven’t been out to the Toyota Field where the San Antonio FC plays all its home games, I urge you to get out there as soon as you can.  Every seat is a great seat.  You and the family will have a great time and see lots of great soccer.  Toyota Field was built and designed with expansion in mind as the San Antonio FC, backed by the San Antonio Spurs organization, may be the perfect fit to finally lure a MLS team to San Antonio. This city has longed for a major professional soccer franchise.  As soccer continues its slow and uphill rise in popularity in this country.  Cities like San Antonio, have been part of the grassroots movement especially with local club soccer development for boys and girls.

The USL, which is still a developmental league, has come a long way.  To give you an example, the San Antonio Pumas drew a crowd of a couple thousand fans in their home opener in 1993.  San Antonio FC set an attendance record at Toyota Field with a sellout crowd for the opener in April of 2016.  And the attendance boom is not just here in San Antonio.  Attendance is picking up all around the country from many of the USL teams.  Not only is attendance looking good for the USL, but the announcement of an ESPN TV partnership agreement starting in 2016 will only help bring even more attention to the USL and its local teams.

Still, we need to remember that this team and organization was literally put together in a few months.  From the general manager, to the coaching staff and signing players, all was all done in record time.  It will take some time to develop the team and for the team to learn the values of the Spurs organization. But, if there’s one sports organization that can make this work…  I would not bet against the Spurs organization.  One would only need to look at the San Antonio FC crest and logo to understand the depth and meaning behind this great organization.  The team’s colors are black and silver which shows unity with the parent club. The red is also same color red used in the Texas flag which shows the great respect and loyalty to the state of Texas.  The heart of the crest combines two very relevant elements.  The first being the five diagonal stripes which are inspired by the armed forces stripes which salutes the great connection between San Antonio and the military.  And the second, is the upward movement which signifies the goal of the team and the organization is to play at the highest level possible.  You’ll also find a spurs symbol which signifies a direct link between San Antonio FC and the Spurs organization.  Finally, there is a subtle “S” that binds the interior elements together with a salute to the hometown outage and how it unifies the city.

In this journey has just begun with the San Antonio FC.  Let’s all just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website about San Antonio’s new soccer club:  San Antonio FC!  Make sure to check back later for updated information on San Antonio FC’s homepage.